Linings of different gram weights meet different requirements for different seasons, while coordinated patterns customise garments with all-over patterns or woven motifs, stripes or cashmere designs in different sizes. In addition to the 2300 colours available as samples, the company can match customers’ samples and reproduce company logos and designer logos on jacquard fabrics made of 100% viscose, 100% cupro, viscose-cupro, viscoseacetate and viscose-Pbt. 100% cellulose acetate linings have a particularly soft, delicate feel. 100% cupro linings offer a silk-like feel with good fit and are non-toxic, non-allergenic and transpiring.

100% viscose linings have a soft feel and look like silk. They offer good resistance to wear and good hygroscopic capacity.
Acetate-cotton blends are washable and transpiring. Cellulose acetate breathes well, while cotton strengthens the fabric.

Acetate-viscose blends combine the excellent performance of cellulose acetate with that of viscose for a soft fabric that is comfortable to wear.
Nylon-cotton blends are particularly strong, lightweight and transpiring. They combine the resistance of nylon with the ability to breathe, strength and washability of cotton. .

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