Linings of different weights meet the needs related to seasonal change, coordinated patterns personalize the garments with all-over designs, textured motifs, striped barrè or cashmere designs. All always in line with the most current fashion trends. In fact, each Cederna TMR lining comes from in-depth and progressive market research aimed at developing patterns, textures and colors in line with the trends of the current season. Fashion specialists collect the emerging trends in the sector to transfer them to a laboratory team capable of translating anticipations and trends into extremely topical linings and recognized appeal.

A wide and complete range …
Our production meets every need of the clothing industry, from large-scale distribution to high fashion, and includes linings in cupro, acetate or viscose, alongside mixed productions in acetate-cotton, acetate-viscose, polyester -cotton and elastomer.

… Declined in a kaleidoscope of colors
Variety of designs and yarns which are then declined in infinite colors. In fact, the shades made on customer request are added to the 2300 colors present in the samples.

Customized and ad hoc solutions
In fact, to such a wide and diversified production there are in fact solutions studied ad hoc for the customer, according to his needs of quality and style to make each collection unique, even in the details. Starting with company logos and designer labels, which, just to give an example, can effectively stand out on jacquard fabrics made of 100% viscose, 100% cupro, viscose-cupro, viscose-acetate and viscose-Pbt.